Testing times and dates

18 January, 2014

F1 is coming out of hibernation and we can all start getting excited about how ugly the new cars might look. Yes, that’s right, if you’ve been keeping up with us on Twitter or Facebook you’ll have heard about the ‘anteater nose’ and that recently an F1 engineer was quoted as saying they’re going to look ugly. We will also see how reliable the cars will be and who can get their brand new spec cars ready for the first test, testing times ahead, Lotus won’t be ready.¬†Despite all that, we’re not far away from seeing some brand new F1 cars complete with turbos, putting some laps in and that’s a mouth watering prospect.

New tyre testing rules

The FIA and Pirelli will be keen to avoid a repeat of the Mercedes tyre gate row of last year. The two have agreed on the following rules for 2014 onwards:

- One of the twelve days of testing will be dedicated to wet tyre testing with Pirelli engineers.

- From 2014 onwards in season testing each team will be allow to spend one day out of the allocated eight completing a Pirelli tyre test. A maximum of two teams will take part on any given day.

These rules might change the way teams plan their testing in the future.

The planned tests

28th January 2014 Jerez
29th January 2014 Jerez
30th January 2014 Jerez
31st January 2014 Jerez
19th Febuary 2014 Bahrain
20th Febuary 2014 Bahrain
21st Febuary 2014 Bahrain
22nd Febuary 2014 Bahrain
27th Febuary 2014 Bahrain
28th Febuary 2014 Bahrain
1st March 2014 Bahrain
2nd March 2014 Bahrain

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